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" Never give up on yourself & your dreams. If you can dream it, and work hard for it. The universe will provide".

                                                          OMAR WILKINS



 ImagineAPlace was founded with the sole Purpose of putting into action the highest ideals of  giving people the opportunity to show their true talents in writing. We also envision a community where kids will have the opportunity to flourish, mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly Spiritually by reading and learning.

The mission of ImagineAPlace is simple. There's a formula that I've learned. Would you like to know the formula? Sure you would.

That formula is Believing+Experiencing+Understanding=Knowledge. That's my writing formula in a nutshell. 


Allow me this opportunity to share with you my teenage experience. The earlier parts of my life were me, a kid battered by circumstances; circumstances that would have inevitably converted any normal kid into a hardened human being. I come from a place (Atlanta, Ga); where gunshots were normal, drugs were an acceptable way of life, and single parent households were 'just the way it was.' I left home at an early age, because I thought I knew more than my parents. While thrusting myself into the streets (the wilderness), it was there that  the 'survival of the fittest' and the 'only the strong survive' mentality penetrated and permeated my being. I could tell you all the salacious stories about drug deals gone wrong, crack houses, robberies, homelessness, group homes filled with abuse, boot camps filled with violence, and desperation moves that I made to survive; and all this before the age of eighteen (the age when I was sentenced for the crime of Murder.) 

I'm not the Man who doesn't take responsibility for his crime; quite the contrary. I understand that through my ill-advised choices an innocent Human life was lost. Yet...I didn't always think this way. It took a plethora of opportunities, and a myriad of influences to get to the Man you see today; not to mention all the unseen blessings! And all this wasn't overnight. It was over the years of learning and gaining humility.

Prisons aren't built to rehabilitate, rehabilitation is a commodity that you have to thrist for and seek out once you arrive here. But if you do, I promise you, it'll change your life! How do I know? I'm living proof. I once considered myself the worse of the worse (Thug, Nigga, Gangsta); however, with the constant Love and direction that I have been given by my loved ones, outside prison volunteers, and the small circle of Men inside here who have changed their lives, I can look in the mirror and honestly say, "Omar, you are not incorrigible! You are not an Untouchable! You do deserve a second chance at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." 


In closing I'll say this...the majority of Human Beings are being incarcerated not because of their inability to be rehabilitated, but because it has become extremely profitable to warehouse Human Beings! That's the simple more, no less. I wish 'We The People' would do a better job of succoring those in need...

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This is a story about friendship, love and being different. About wanting to live your life as you see fit, but having obligation that forbid you to be yourself. In a magical world, where a Cheetah can be a beautiful princess and an elephant can be a Knight, and their three best friends are frog fairies, you will feel the love and friendship like no other. Have you ever wanted to just live your life and be free to experience life traveling and seeing all the world has to offer. Well come inside and meet Li-lo-Li and see life through her eyes. See you there.

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ImagineAPlace where a group of children come together to save their neighborhood! Well, now imagine no more. Because something’s in the water in Iowa!!! Kids everywhere are changing the game when it comes to running these streets! I mean...the legend of these kids from Iowa has reached up to the tip of Maine, all the way across the ocean to Spain! Crazy thing though is that they’re not being perceived as anything bad. Quite the contrary...these kids are learning, growing and setting the bar for what it means to be leaders in their community! Think I’m lying? Well, open this fantastic book and learn about the Legend of The D.M.I Crews yourself!

Good Grief tells the story of siblings living life after the loss of their mom. Under the loving and watchful eye of their grandmother they live.


THIS IS NOT A HOOD BOOK; NOR IS THIS URBAN FICTION!!! This is meant to be an EXPERIENCE; plain and simple. For those of you reading this, allow me this OPPORTUNITY to say that, what you've come to BELIEVE about Real Niggas is not true! You see... to KNOW a Real Nigga, one must A.) have a CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE with a Real Nigga and then B.) Gain an UNDERSTANDING from the EXPERIENCE! Only then will you KNOW what being a Real Nigga is about. Only then will you begin to UNDERSTAND the zeitgeist of this Nigga shit.

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